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Bowen Place Crossing receives multiple design awards

Spackman Mossop Michaels is pleased to announce that our Bowen Place Crossing project, completed in conjunction with Lahznimmo Architects, has been awarded multiple prestigious awards.


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About SMM

Fitzgerald Neighborhood Revitalization Project

This project creates a Central Park and Urban Greenway through an existing blighted neighborhood using city-owned vacant lots. Lots were aggregated and developed to accommodate major open space improvement that is a part of a larger Landscape Stewardship plan led by SMM.


As a team, Spackman Mossop Michaels is committed to actively building a community in which our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander friends, colleagues and neighbors are safe, seen, supported. What makes SMM and the spaces we create extraordinary is the diversity of our team and the experiences we each bring to the table. We stand together with the AAPI community in support, healing, and action toward the reparation for the trauma that has been endured.


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