new orleans

Felicity Property Co.
New Orleans, LA
Bell Butler Design and Architecture, Creative Engineering, Crumb Engineering, Heaslip Engineering

Framework is a thoughtfully designed office and retail project located in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans that spans several urban lots linked by common exterior space. The co-tenancy concept is to maintain all-day activity with purposefully selected operators and vendors for varying on-site peak hours.

With Bell Butler, SMM designed an entry promenade that connects with the rear open courtyard, giving back to the community spaces that would typically be used for parking or back of house support. These outdoor spaces support and enhance the mixed-use nature of the development by encouraging all day and evening activation on the site. The development's open area courtyard doubles as a space for guest’s enjoyment as well as on-site subsurface stormwater retention and management.


  • 2021 AIA New Orleans Industry Award in Landscape Design

Photography Credits

Photography by
Lindsay Butler, Spackman Mossop Michaels

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