The Standard

Landscape Architecture

The Domain Companies
New Orleans, LA

The Standard is the fourth building to join the rapidly progressing South Market District in Downtown New Orleans, a historically industrial neighborhood. The central community space for the project is a 30,000 sf terrace that doubles as a “blue-green roof” to manage stormwater on the site. The space features a saltwater pool, poolside cabanas, outdoor kitchen with dining, a dog park, all surrounded by a lush and vibrant landscape that draws its inspiration from the native plants of the region.

The landscape responds to the unique micro-climate that is created on an open terrace raised three stories above the street. Colder evening temperatures, more sun exposure, and stronger winds combine with a reduced soil profile to make for harsh conditions for plantings. For inspiration, we looked to regional landscapes that thrived in similar conditions, most specifically the historic Cajun Prairie landscapes just to the northwest of New Orleans.

The stormwater from the entire site is managed on the roof, under the terrace paving and plantings, with a system called a blue roof. Combined with the plantings, this is one of the first examples of using a “blue-green roof” to manage stormwater in the region.

Photography Credits

Aerial Photo by Neil Alexander, courtesy of Morris Adjmi Architects

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