Stuart Hall School for Boys Greenspace Improvements


Stuart Hall School for Boys
New Orleans, LA

This project involved the design of a new open space for the Stuart Hall School for Boys which included a large turf field that serves a stormwater management function, plantings, a wooden shade structure, a drinking fountain, lighting, walls and fences. The site is located along South Carrollton Avenue, adjacent to the existing campus. The primary use for the space is for informal recreation for the students and school events. The artificial turf field is built over a major underground gravel stormwater detention area which can hold approximately 4,000 cubic feet of stormwater. The project also involved removing concrete paving from another part of campus and replacing it with permeable pavers for additional stormwater management.

The Stuart Hall Greenspace demonstrates techniques for integrating stormwater management practices into an active open space within a relatively small campus. The highly permeable artificial turf drains water quickly into a gravel storage chamber below which allows the field to be used by students immediately after a rain storm. Sound dampening materials were used in the new perimeter wall and applied to the existing school wall to mitigate the sound impacts to the residences surrounding the school property.

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