Shared Paths

Public spaces

Local authorities
New South Wales

As a champion of active transport, we explore the many benefits that shared paths offer beyond transport solutions. On a shared path there are endless opportunities to slow down and explore a street/park/urban centres that can foster community and social relationships. As landscape architects, urban designers and cycle facility specialists we look for these nuances and raise these opportunities so that they can be considered and incorporated into the shared path experience. We believe the project can deliver a broad range of benefits if planned and implement with vision. This includes:

Health: Providing safe spaces for walking and cycling that encourage active lifestyles.
Walkable: Providing optimal conditions and amenity for pedestrians.

We are fully committed to making cycling an attractive a choice of transport as walking or using public transport. We have extensive experience in the delivery of safe and connected cycling facilities and specialise in integrating these facilities into streetscapes to contribute to high-quality public spaces.

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