North Sydney Cycleway & Street Improvement

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North Sydney Council
North Sydney LGA

As part of the "North Sydney Integrated Cycling Strategy", the proposed cycleway connection provides access between Cremorne, North Sydney CBD, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The overall feasibility assessment and conceptual designs aimed to propose cycling infrastructure and projects that aim to improve transportation choices for the community by making cycling accessible to people of all ages and cycling abilities.

Due to the diversity of street types, this project required a diverse and often pioneering range of cycle treatments. The concept was delivered to council through a staged community consultation process that incorporated printed panels and a video/animation. This design material successfully communicated to key stakeholders the benefits of the projects including:

- Enhancing safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
- Increasing opportunities for additional garden beds and street tree planting.
- Stimulating economic growth by creating attractive places with greater activities.
- Promoting health and well-being through active transportation corridors.

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