Donnelly Park & Playground


City of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

Donnelly Park is a 1.59-acre park located in the Burbank Gardens Neighborhood of New Orleans. Only a few blocks from one of the levee breaks resulting from hurricane Katrina, the playground and surrounding neighborhood sustained substantial damage. The small park is seen as an opportunity to give the neighborhood a distinct and useable public space where families can congregate. The design scheme is a series of landforms which are not usually encountered in the flat New Orleans landscape. In contrast to the grid lines of the surrounding infrastructure, the undulating mounds have become a landmark for the neighborhood and provide a variety of play opportunities unavailable anywhere else in the city. Surrounding the landforms is a gravel path which can withstand bicycle and pedestrian traffic yet is also permeable to allow water to seep into the soil. A more formal space appropriate for play equipment for younger children is situated in the northeast corner.

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