Small Urban Conference 2017

Research & Education

Wellington City Council
Wellington, New Zeland

Michael Spackman, Elizabeth Mossop and Doug Robb joined international speakers at the NZILA Small Urban Conference in April in Wellington, New Zealand. The NZILA Firth conference held in April 2017 had a theme of Small Urban with four sub themes:

· Opportunistic Urban
· Wild Urban
· Advocating Urban, and
· Moving Urban

Small Urban offers a compelling alternative, a resistance to the globalizing trend a mindset that connects the local to the global, especially in Aotearoa New Zealand with its network of small urban landscapes. Networks of the Small Urban in cities, towns, and villages offer a refreshing sensibility for a challenging future. Michael and Elizabeth discussed community scale infrastructure using Spackman Mossop Michaels' projects as examples. Doug discussed the role Landscape Architects play in mediating conflicts between large-scale infrastructure and local communities.

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