Civic Cycle Loop


ACT Roads
Bunda Street, Canberra

The Civic Cycle Loop was envisioned to be a key part of the Main Community Route Network used by cyclists who are not comfortable with riding in the on-road environment. The cycleway is intended to be separated from general traffic and provide a high quality, comfortable, and safe cycling facility to destinations in the City Center. The 2 mile (3.2km) Civic Cycle Loop route would connect the City Center to the off-road cycleway facilities in Sullivans Creek and Lake Burley Griffin.

Spackman Mossop Michaels developed a conceptual design for upgrading the section of Bunda Street to be integrated into the Civic Cycle Loop project and proposed to increase cycling amenities along the cycleway. Facilities such as a Bike Hub facility was envisioned to become an integrated part of the cycleway at the end of every key destinations. Other key design features included:

- Separating bi-directional cycleway
- Innovative, high-quality design and standard for cycling facility
- Improving pedestrian-priority shared zone crossings
- Preserving of existing parking, loading zones, and taxi ranks
- Widening vehicular travel lane for large delivery vehicles
- Streamlining cycle environment
- Creating minimal disruption to existing services during construction and operations

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