ACT Strategic Cycle Network



The Strategic Cycle Network Plan is intended to provide an attractive, first-rate cycle network with excellent route connectivity, safety, and convenience for all cycling user groups. A key goal is to develop a bicycle-friendly environment that encourages more cyclists to use the cycle network. This requires developing a well planned and integrated network that is underpinned by long-term strategic thinking. This plan will deliver a cycle network that responds to infrastructure and behavioral issues to improve the cycling environment.

Spackman Mossop Michaels provided the background and technical analysis of the cycling environment and design standards in the ACT. This also included a series of recommendations for route selection, network types, integration with public transportation, and improvements for design standards. This also included reviewing and providing technical advice on the development of the Preferred Options Report.

This technical input into the Strategic Cycle Network Plan will promote active transportation within Canberra’s urban and suburban area to ensure safe, pleasant, and safe cycling trips. In addition, the plan increases access to existing amenities, especially to key destinations such as workplaces, schools, and shops; as well as increasing mixed land uses, densities, and choices of destinations to support an active transportation system.

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